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Expert Marble Cleaning and Restoration

Marble and travertine have both been used for centuries as a decorating material, and it is still a firm favorite amongst interior decorators today. Walls, floors and countertops are all places in which marble and travertine are used in the house. Despite their stunning appearance, it can be hard to keep your marble looking as flawless as it did on the day that you first bought it.

Have your marble and travertine floors lost their sparkle? Are your countertops looking dull and lackluster? Are your surfaces etched and scratched rather than polished and smooth? Many marble and travertine owners answer yes to these questions, but that does not have to be the case for you! If you want to restore your marble and travertine surfaces to their former glory, then get in contact with the team at Victory Cleaning Systems to request their services for a full marble and travertine cleaning and restoration process.

Why should I get my Marble and Travertine professionally cleaned and restored?

When your marble floor tiles or countertops first left the store, they probably looked fantastic, but day-to-day use can leave these items looking dull, lifeless and scratched. Although there are products on the market that can help your marble to get its shine back, these can be ineffective and may require you to do a lot of hard work. None of these products will be as effective as mechanical polishing equipment in smoothing your work surfaces and restoring shine.

What is more, some cleaning products that are available to buy in the cleaning product section of your local supermarket can actually be bad for your marble or travertine surfaces! Although it is a hard and durable material, some cleaning products are unsuitable for use with polished stone surfaces. Scouring sponges and cleaning products which contain abrasive particles should be avoided in most cases, as they can easily take the glossy finish off of your surfaces. Whilst you may be unsure about what products are good to use, the team at Victory Cleaning Systems knows which cleaning products to use and which cleaning products to avoid for the best possible results.

How is Marble and Travertine Cleaned and Restored?

When a member of the team from Victory Cleaning Systems comes to your property to clean and restore your marble or travertine, they will bring special cleaning and restoration tools with them. Staff members are fully trained in how to use advanced techniques and equipment to diamond hone and polish your floors or countertops. The cleaning machinery which is used is able to mechanically polish the stone, rather than simply cleaning and buffing it. This mechanical polishing process is actually very similar to the process which is used in factories to prepare stone for sale, meaning that the final result will leave your marble surfaces looking as good as they did when they first left the stonemason!

Why are marble and travertine hard to take care of?

Because of the way that natural stones like marble and travertine are formed, they have a delicate chemical balance, and therefore some seemingly innocuous products can have a surprising effect on them. Every day products such as orange juice, lemonade, vinegar, wine, yogurt, tomato juice, strong liquors, salad dressings, perfumes and some types of beauty products can have a negative impact on polished marble, because of their chemical composition. If these products are not cleaned up properly, they can etch your marble and dull its shine. After the cleaning and restoration process is finished, ask them our expert for tips on how to keep your marble or travertine looking that good.

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