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Are You in Need of Saltillo Mexican Tile Restoration?

Saltillo Mexican tiles look great in any home, but it is no secret that they are a devil to keep in their original condition. Over time, these tiles can become stained and discolored, and won’t look as attractive as they did when you first had them put it. If you have noticed that your tiles are looking a little bit lackluster or if you notice any stains which you just can’t manage to shift with tile cleaning products, then it may be time to call Victory Cleaning Systems to arrange for a Saltillo Mexican Tile Restoration.

Why would I need to get my Saltillo Mexican tiles professionally cleaned and restored?

Whilst Saltillo Mexican tiles look great, they can be very difficult to take care of properly, due to the fact that they are made from a highly porous material. Saltillo Mexican tiles don’t usually come with the same kind of glaze that is seen on other types of tiles, and if they have not been properly treated to prevent it, they can easily absorb liquids and oils. However, Saltillo Mexican tiles are commonplace in areas of the house where liquids and oils are often found, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. If they haven’t been sealed properly, these tiles can become stained and discolored very easily. Even prolonged expose to oils from human skin can cause problems for unsealed Saltillo Mexican tile. Even if your tiles have been sealed, the sealant will wear off over time, and you may notice patches or areas which are becoming stained.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to remove these stains or restore the natural color of your tiles using cleaning products and elbow grease alone. In fact, scrubbing at your tiles with the wrong cleaning products and too much water may only succeed in making the problem worse, and you could accidentally remove even more sealant in the process. Because these stains will be embedded deep in the tile, this is a problem which only professionally trained tile cleaners and restorers will be able to fix.

How are Saltillo Mexican tiles cleaned and restored?

Over the past few years, Victory Cleaning Systems have been perfecting their Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning process. During this process, the team will typically need to strip the floor of its old floor coating finish, in order to carry out the deep cleaning process. Truck mounted pressure washing equipment is used to wash the tiles, and this machine immediately extracts the water away from the surface, in order to ensure that there is no splashing or water damage to your walls or baseboards.

Once the cleaning and stripping process has been completed, Victory Cleaning Systems will the seal your floor with approximately 3 – 5 coats of acrylic finish, which are designed to ensure that your floors will have a brilliant shine and luster to them that should last for years. Not only will this acrylic finish improve the aesthetic of your floor, it will also help to protect it from any harmful liquids and oils in future.

Is there anything else I can do to protect my tiles?

Once your tiles have been restored, you should take certain steps to help you to keep them looking that way. If you spill anything on the tiles, wipe it up straight away, so that it doesn’t have chance to absorb. Use a soft, damp, clean cloth to clean the floors and avoid flooding the floor with water. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners on these tiles as you could remove the finish or the sealant.

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