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Saltillo Mexican Tile Cleaning in Leawood

Thousands of people in the Leawood area have Saltillo (Mexican) tiles in their home, whether it is inside the building or outside in the garden area. However, these tiles can be very hard to keep clean, let alone looking as good as they did originally. If you are struggling to maintain the appearance of your Saltillo Mexican tiles, it may be time to call Victory Cleaning Systems, in order to arrange for the best professional Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning in Leawood. With over 10 years of experience of Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning in Leawood, we are able to offer a fast, efficient and effective tile cleaning service.

Why are Saltillo tiles difficult to keep clean?

Saltillo Mexican tiles are made from a highly porous material which soaks in almost any liquid upon contact. Untreated tiles can even absorb oil from the hands of the worker who laid them.  If they are not properly sealed or glazed once they have been laid, they will continue to absorb liquids and oils. Absorbing any kind of dirty water or liquid can leave the tiles marked, however these stains will be embedded deep in the tile, and can be impossible for an amateur cleaner to shift. In fact, using too much water on the tiles or using the wrong cleaning products will only make the problem worse, as the tiles will dry unevenly and tidemarks could appear. Even well glazed tiles can start to show problems after a long period of time, as everyday usage will eventually rub the glaze off. If your tiles are beginning to look worse for wear, it is time to arrange professional Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning in Leawood.

How can Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning in Leawood make a difference?

Once you arrange for Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning in Leawood, we will be able to send a tile cleaning and restoration expert around to your house to carry out the required work. Depending on the current state of your tiles, any existing glaze may need to be stripped from the surface. Using some of the best Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning equipment in Leawood, they will then be able to steam clean and extract the dirt from your tiles. This technique allows embedded dirt to be removed right from the centre of the tile. Once the cleaning process has been completed and your tiles have been returned to a uniform color, our cleaning expert will proceed to apply 3 – 5 layers of special acrylic glaze to your floor, in order to ensure that the tiles stay free from marks and stains in future. Stripping the tiles of existing glaze at the beginning of the Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning will help to ensure that your floor has an even coating, once the extra layers of glaze are applied.

How can I arrange Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning in Leawood?

If you need to arrange Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning in Leawood, just give the team at Victory Cleaning Systems a call, for your free quote. If you are happy with the great value quote which you receive, we will be able to arrange a convenient time with you for our cleaning expert to come to your property to carry out your Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning. As well as Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning, we are also able to offer most other floor and tile cleaning services, including shower stall cleaning, carpet cleaning, marble cleaning and tennis court cleaning. If you have any other floor or tile cleaning needs, ask a member of our team for more details, to see what we can do for you.

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