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Are you fed up with looking at a grimy shower stall as you take your morning shower? Are mold and mildew in your shower a black spot on your life? Are you fed up with spending hours scrubbing at your tiles with no noticeable results? If you are, then it may be time to call Victory Cleaning Systems in to come and give your shower stall back its sparkle!

The shower is one place in every house which should be synonymous with cleanliness, but in reality it can end up being one of the dirtiest places in the house, due to the fact that it can be so hard to clean properly. Rather than helping to keep them clean, the constant barrage of hot and cold water, condensation and steam which are commonplace in your shower stall can actually cause some serious problems for the tiles and grout which are fixed in this area.

Why would I need my shower tiles and grout professionally cleaned?

If you always take good care of your shower, it is possible to prevent most of the buildup of mildew, mold and scale which can accumulate on your shower tiles and grout.  However, if you don’t have enough time to thoroughly clean your shower after each and every use, then hard to shift muck and grime can appear and this can make your life very difficult! What is more, the grout between your tiles is very porous and therefore dirty water can be absorbed into it, making it look unpleasantly black or discolored.
Attempting to clean mold, mildew and scale off of tiles and trying to restore the original color to your grout using over the counter cleaning products can be incredibly hard, and in many cases it can be completely futile. Rather than spending hours on your hands and knees, scrubbing at marks on the tiling which may be impossible for you to clean, call in the services of Victory Cleaning Systems, because we are able to do a professional job of shower stall restoration, using top of the range professional cleaning tools.

How do Victory Cleaning Systems clean and restore shower stall tiles?

Victory Cleaning Systems have been practicing and perfecting our shower stall cleaning and restoration techniques for a number of years to ensure that our methods are as quick and effective as possible. The main cleaning process is done using a pressurized steam cleaning system which is designed to carefully steam clean the tiles in your shower stall and extract all of the grime, mold and mildew which has built-up over time. Following the main cleaning process, we will also replace the caulking and do a re-grouting if necessary.

The last stage of the cleaning process is a color seal. Color sealing helps to ensure that all of the grout lines between your shower tiles are a consistent color. It also helps to ensure that your tiles and grout stay in a more sanitary condition and are much easier to clean in future, meaning that it will be far easier for you to keep your shower stall in sparkling condition.

Will I have to wait before I use my shower again?

Although it is safe to use a shower stall a few hours after it has been cleaned, if your caulking has been replaced and tile curing product has been added to your tiles, it is recommended that you wait for 3 days after the restoration process has been completed before you use your shower again. This will give all of our products enough time to work their magic and will help to ensure that our treatments have the longevity that you desire.

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Victory Cleaning System's are the proud recipients of the Angies List Super Service Award for the last 4 years.  Follow this link for wonderful reviews of our services. 


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