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Rejuvenate Your Flooring with our Wood Floor Refinishing Process in Kansas City

Wooden flooring is a classic home décor choice, which is coming back into fashion as interior designers look to old styles for more inspiration. Although they are beautiful and elegant, hardwood floors can really suffer from the effects of everyday life. If your hardwood flooring needs a new lease of life, it may be time to call in the experts at Victory Cleaning Systems, so that they can do a Wood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing process in order to return your flooring to its former glory.

Why do I need a professional cleaning service?

Over time, footfall and accidental spillage can really start to damage wooden flooring. Consumer cleaning products are often unsuitable for hardwood flooring, as they tend to leave a chemical buildup on the surface, which can actually become abrasive over time. If you have recently moved into a house with hardwood flooring, it can be very tricky to transform your hardwood flooring back to the way that it was intended to look. Whilst many people choose to sand their floor, this process is costly, messy and can be bad for your flooring. Victory Cleaning Systems Wood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing treatment offers a cleaner, cheaper and just as effective way to get your hardwood flooring looking as good as new!

How do Victory Cleaning Systems clean and refinish wooden floors?

Victory Cleaning Systems use some of the best products available to clean and refinish natural wooden floors. Before we begin the process, you will need to move any furniture and rugs out of the area where the treatment will take place. Our cleaning process utilizes specially designed wood floor cleaners which rough up the flooring, in order to remove embedded dirt and grime. If there are areas of the floor which are bubbling or peeling, then the team will be able to strip the floor and recoat it. Recoating may also be needed in some cases where dirt and grime are too stubborn to remove using cleaning products alone. Our recoating process will leave your hardwood floor looking as beautiful and elegant as it did on the day it was first laid!

What cleaning products are used in the Cleaning and Refinishing process?

The cleaning products which are used will actually depend on what kind of work needs doing on your floor. The main product which is used in the refinishing process is a two-part water based polyurethane solution which has been developed with natural wood floors in mind. This product is much safer than some of the oil-based polyurethane products which are used by alternative cleaning companies. The smell of the product is also considered to be much nicer by most users. Compared to the lower cost alternatives which are available on the market today, this product is a far superior product in terms of scratch preventability.

Will I have to wait a long time before using my wood floor again?

Because this treatment can be intensive, it is recommended that you wait for a while before using your floor again, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, and to prevent damage to your clothes or furniture from the polyurethane solution. Your wooden flooring will be ready for light footfall approximately 3 hours after the final stage of your treatment has been completed. It should be safe for you to put most of your furniture back in place about 24 hours after the end of the treatment. However, you should take more care with textiles, and you should not place rugs back onto the flooring for about 2 weeks, because these products are more absorbent and could be damaged more easily.

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