Concrete, the durable and ubiquitous material that’s virtually everywhere in our built environment, isn’t without its own share of problems. This post aims to help you identify some of the most common issues that concrete surfaces face – cracks, spalling, pitting, and surface discoloration – and explore some of the most effective solutions for their restoration.


Cracks in concrete can occur due to various reasons – changes in temperature, excess water in the mix, rapid drying, and even ground movement. These can impact the structural integrity of the concrete and also detract from the aesthetics.

A popular restoration solution for cracks is epoxy injection. This is a method where a high-strength epoxy is injected into the crack, sealing it completely, and restoring both the concrete’s strength and appearance.


Spalling, or when chunks of concrete start to break off from the surface, can happen due to freeze-thaw cycles or the use of too much water in the concrete mix. This leads to an unsightly surface and exposes the inner layers of the concrete to the elements.

Patching is the common method of addressing spalling. It involves removing the loose concrete, preparing the area, and then filling it in with a new concrete mix.


Pitting, characterized by small, shallow holes on the surface of the concrete, is often caused by the wear and tear of traffic or the aggressive action of de-icing salts.

One solution is to use a concrete resurfacer. This is a special blend of Portland cement, sand, and polymers that provide a thin, durable layer over the existing concrete.

Surface Discoloration

Concrete can sometimes become discolored due to variations in the concrete mix, improper curing, or the absorption of stains from various substances.

One way to handle discoloration is through acid staining. This is a technique that reacts chemically with the concrete to create rich, earth-toned color variations that are unique and long-lasting.

While it’s beneficial to understand these issues and their corresponding solutions, remember that concrete restoration is often more complex than it appears. It requires a solid understanding of concrete properties and the underlying causes of issues to devise an effective solution.

Victory Cleaning Systems, a Kansas City-based company, specializes in such concrete restoration processes. With industry-leading equipment and expert restoration techniques, they can accurately diagnose your concrete problems and recommend the most suitable restoration techniques.

They’ve been beautifying the Kansas City area since 2003, ensuring that residences, commercial properties, and various institutions continue to enjoy durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete surfaces. Their fair and honest estimates, coupled with their emphasis on customer service, have made them a trusted name in the business.

Concrete restoration isn’t just about fixing the surface. It’s about understanding the material, diagnosing the problem accurately, and providing the best possible solution. For your concrete restoration needs, reach out to Victory Cleaning Systems. Let the experts handle it for you.

FAQ on Professional Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration is a specialized field with many nuances. It’s natural to have questions, and we’ve gathered the most frequently asked ones to provide clarity and guidance. Here’s our FAQ section on professional concrete restoration:

  1. What is concrete restoration?

Concrete restoration is the process of repairing old and damaged concrete to restore its original appearance and structural integrity. It can involve various techniques like filling cracks, patching, resurfacing, and staining, depending on the specific issues at hand.

  1. What are the common problems that require concrete restoration?

Common problems that necessitate concrete restoration include cracks, spalling (where chunks of concrete break off), pitting (small, shallow holes on the surface), and surface discoloration.

  1. How are cracks in concrete restored?

Cracks in concrete are commonly repaired using an epoxy injection technique. The high-strength epoxy seals the crack completely, restoring the strength and appearance of the concrete.

  1. What is the solution for spalling in concrete?

Spalling is often addressed by patching. This involves removing the loose concrete, preparing the area, and then filling it in with a new concrete mix.

  1. How can pitting in concrete be fixed?

Pitting can be resolved using a concrete resurfacer, a blend of Portland cement, sand, and polymers that provide a thin, durable layer over the existing concrete.

For more information about Victory Cleaning Systems or to get a free quote for concrete restoration services, visit our website or call us at (913) 269-2103. We strive to be the best concrete restoration service in Kansas City, MO. You can trust Victory Cleaning Systems to always provide satisfaction and guaranteed concrete restoration services.


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