This BEFORE image shows the poor condition of the floor.

Our tile and grout services make a dramatic difference, as you can see in this AFTER image.

Here is a sample we provided during the consultation so the client could see for herself what kind of results to expect.

Bathroom Grout Lines Look New Again

Outdated Tile and Dark Grout Lines

A Prairie Village homeowner seriously considered removing and replacing the tile and grout flooring in her bathroom, but her budget would not allow it. The tile looked outdated and the grout lines were dark, even after she scrubbed them. After many years without professional maintenance, the bathroom floor was unsightly. The homeowner contacted us to find out whether it would be worthwhile to have the floor professionally deep cleaned. We suggested going a step further, and color sealing the grout lines for a fresh, clean, brand new look. She scheduled services.

Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning and Grout Color Sealing

First, we masked and protected the cabinets, baseboards, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we applied a pH-neutral, non-toxic cleaner to the tiles and grout. After ample dwell time, we used a combination of manual and mechanical cleaning methods—a gentle hand scrubber, a high-speed machine, and a vapor steam cleaning system for the most stubborn areas—to thoroughly sanitize the floor. We applied a high quality grout color sealer to the grout lines, giving the floor a uniform, like-new appearance despite the age of the floor.

The homeowner loved her bathroom floor. She was also very relieved that the floor could look so beautiful without the cost of demo and replacement.