Keeping a well-used polished marble top pristine can be quite challenging.

This image, taken during the installation process, shows the anti-etch leveled out but not yet cured.

The UV curing process does not take long, but it is extremely effective for hardening the application.

This image shows the cured anti-etch coating honed but not yet polished.

Note the clarity of the reflection of the overhead lights. This image was taken AFTER the final polish.

Calacatta Gold Marble Anti-Etch Protection

Marble is Susceptible to Etch Damage

A couple in downtown Kansas City contacted us to find out about a way to prevent etching and staining caused by acidic foods and liquids on their Calacatta Gold marble countertop. The husband enjoyed cooking, and although he was careful to wipe up spills in a timely manner, the marble would inevitably become etched. They were tired of having to be so delicate with the surface and wanted to avoid having to call in a stone restoration contractor to hone and polish the tops on a regular basis. We explained what options were available, and they decided on anti-etch protection.

Our Countertop Anti-Etch Protection Installation Process

First, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we honed the top. The honing process is often likened to sanding, because it removes a very thin upper layer of the stone, erasing surface damage. Honing the countertop ensured that the surface was prepared for proper adhesion of the anti-etch coating. After the coating application completely leveled out, we used a UV light to cure the treatment.

At Victory Cleaning Systems, we stay on the cutting edge of technologies available in the surface restoration industry. We were actually one of the first three countertop anti-etch installers in the nation to purchase this custom-made cart for the UV curing process. – Dan Brown, Owner of Victory Cleaning Systems

Our final step was to restore the countertop’s highly polished finish. This was achieved through honing and polishing. The beauty of anti-etch is that it can be honed and polished to any finish level a client desires. We could have left the countertop with a soft matte honed finish, but these clients preferred a highly reflective finish.

The homeowners were amazed at how natural the countertops looked. They had heard that some coatings leave marble with a plastic-looking finish.  We made certain this would not be the case with their countertop by using a high quality product and finishing methods. The job was completed in seven days, because we also restored the couple’s Thassos marble floors.

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