The manager wanted this commercial building exterior to present a professional image.

Our highly trained technicians adjust heat and pressure settings as needed to safely achieve the best results.

Our high quality equipment enables us to provide very thorough and effective pressure washing services.

Car Dealership Building Exterior Pressure Washed

Thin Film of Contaminants on Building Exterior

The manager of the Chevrolet dealership in the Overland Park area understood that first impressions make a lasting impact that can influence consumers’ views of the professionalism and customer satisfaction a business offers. The manager also understood that the thin film of stains and chemical residues on the showroom and service building exterior was diminishing the overall clean and sleek image of his dealership. The simple cleaning techniques the dealership had been using just shifted the position of the dirt film from here to there, never eliminating it completely. He contacted us to schedule pressure washing services.

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art tools to ensure the best possible results. Our outdoor pressure washing service cleared all mold, mildew, ugly stains, and accumulations of other contaminants. We did all of this using environmentally friendly measures. Our specialized tools allowed us to provide high volume and large footage cleaning services for this building facade.

The manager was very pleased with the outcome and planned to schedule services with us in the future, as needed.