This BEFORE image shows the poor condition of the carpet when we first arrived on the job site.

This AFTER image demonstrates the dramatic results of our professional encapsulation carpet cleaning services.

This AFTER image demonstrates the dramatic results of our professional encapsulation carpet cleaning services.

Commercial Carpets Cleaned With Encapsulation

Heavily Soiled Carpet in Commercial Call Center

A manager for a busy call center in Merriam, Kansas contacted us because their carpets had become heavily soiled due to the high volume of foot traffic and lots of soda spills from the employees.  The manager expressed concerns regarding something he noticed with previous cleaning companies—the carpets were quickly soiled again after cleaning. We assured the manager that with the appropriate cleaning methods, not only would their carpets be clean and fresh, but they would stay clean longer in between professional cleanings.

About Professional Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Based on our experience working on commercial properties, we knew that a common problem with flat, glued down, densely-looped commercial carpeting is wicking, that is, embedded contaminants rising up from within the carpet to the surface. That’s why professionally cleaned carpets can look clean at first, but the results prove to be temporary. Consequently, we decided that the encapsulation method of professional carpet cleaning would be the most appropriate approach for this job. This low-moisture method of carpet cleaning works exactly like it sounds, by encapsulating embedded dirt, grime, and residues from sugary spills, so that they can be easily removed.

Our Commercial Carpet Deep Cleaning Process

First, we thoroughly vacuumed the carpet to remove any loose, dry soil. Then, we applied a high-performance encapsulation detergent. After allowing ample dwell time, we used our professional carpet scrubbing machine to agitate the carpet fibers, working the encapsulation detergent deep down into the carpet. The encapsulation method of professional carpet cleaning allows the carpet to dry very quickly compared to other methods. Once the carpet was dry, we vacuumed to remove the encapsulated soil.

The call center employees were very impressed with the dramatic difference we were able to achieve, and the manager was extremely happy that they were able to resume their regular routine within hours.

Because our professional carpet cleaning methods minimize wicking and do not leave sticky residues that attract additional soiling, we are able to achieve lasting results.