We are capable of providing services for very large properties with acres of carpeting.

Commercial Carpets Steam Cleaned

Church Carpet Traffic Patterns and Spots

The maintenance director at a church in Lenexa, Kansas called us when he noticed the carpet had become heavily soiled due to high traffic, as well as coffee and other drink spills. We assured him that Victory Cleaning Systems is a professional carpet cleaning company properly equipped to effectively handle a vast expanse of carpeting with minimal disruption to the normal routine of the our clients.

Our Carpet Cleaning and Spot Treatment Services

First, we applied professional strength spot treatments to the places where coffee and other drinks had been spilled, agitating the solution to ensure maximum absorption and allowing ample dwell time for the contaminants to soften and dissolve. Then, we used multiple truck-mount steam cleaning machines to deep clean the carpet in this church building. Our specialized equipment and earth-friendly enzyme-based detergents thoroughly removed tracked in dirt and grime. Because we had multiple technicians working from both sides of the building, we were able to literally cut the time it would have taken a single-machine carpet cleaning company to complete the project in half, which meant the congregation was able to have the hall back in service within hours of us completing the project.

Our clients were very pleased with both their fresh, clean carpets, our professionalism, and our efficient work.