This BEFORE image shows the unsightly concrete prior to pressure washing.

This AFTER image shows the clean, fresh concrete after pressure washing and painting.

As you can see in this BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) image, our concrete services make a dramatic difference!

Concrete Entrance Pressure Washed Spotless

Concrete Walkway Looked Dingy

Overland Park homeowners contacted us because they couldn’t remember the last time they had cleaned the walkway leading to the front door. They noticed the overall condition and appearance of the concrete was unsightly, and they knew that cleaning and restoring it themselves would be quite a chore. So, they decided to leave the hard work to Kansas City’s hardscape cleaning professionals.

Our Concrete Pressure Washing Services

We used the highest quality equipment with adjustable settings to achieve the best possible outcome without doing any damage to the concrete itself. Our highly trained technicians knew how to select the most appropriate heat and pressure to sanitize the surface without using conventional surface cleaners that contain toxins, acids, and other harmful chemicals. After the concrete completely dried, we painted with high quality exterior paint, specially formulated to withstand the elements.

The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome and looked forward to wowing their guests with their clean, fresh, welcoming home entrance.