This BEFORE image shows the concrete damage.

This AFTER image shows the restored concrete.

This BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) comparison demonstrates the dramatic difference our concrete floor restoration services made!

Concrete Grinding, Staining, and Sealing

Homeowners in Mission Hills, KS had some major plumbing work done, resulting in very unsightly concrete flooring in their basement. In order to access the pipes, the plumbers had to cut out a large amount of the concrete basement floor. Although the plumbers patched the area with new concrete, it was very obvious that the floor had been damaged.

The professionals at Victory Cleaning Systems provide a broad range of concrete floor restoration services. We resolved the problem using a multistep process. First we used a heavy duty floor machine to grind (dust-free) the concrete patch and surrounding area, making it completely level and smooth. Then, we applied a stain to mask the damage and give the floor a beautiful, uniform appearance. Finally, we sealed the stained concrete with a urethane topcoat that provided a lovely reflective sheen.

The homeowners were very pleased with their newly restored concrete floor. They were also glad to learn that the floor will be easy to maintain and remain elegant for many years.