This BEFORE image shows the marble honed and ready for the anti-etch application.

Notice the clarity of the reflection in this AFTER image.

Here is a closer look. The anti-etch looks completely natural.

Crema Marfil Marble Countertop Protection

Haze and Spots on Marble Countertop

A Leawood, Kansas homeowner contacted us because her countertops looked hazy and spotty from general use, especially around the sink. The beautiful veining and color of these Crema Marfil Marble countertops were meant to be showcased by the glossy polished finish. However, the poor condition of the finish was obvious because of the abundant natural light coming into this kitchen.

Marble contains calcium carbonate, a substance that reacts chemically with acidic substances, such as wine or lemon juice. The extremely high calcium carbonate content in Crema Marfil Marble makes it particularly susceptible to etch damage, even from something as insignificant as a glass of ice water left on the countertop. We explained to our client that polishing alone would not resolve the etch problem. Sure, we could erase the damage and provide a beautiful, like-new finish, but with this type of countertop she would have etch marks and haze reappearing within months, or maybe even weeks after our restoration. She opted for our marble countertop anti-etch installation for a more permanent solution.

Countertop Anti-Etch Protection Installed

Anti-etch application can be tricky. Only highly trained and experienced stone restoration contractors should be entrusted with this type of work.

First, we masked and protected the floors, cabinets, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. To prepare the countertop for proper adhesion with the anti-etch application, we honed the marble surface. We applied the anti-etch treatment and allowed it to level out and dry. Then we polished the countertops to restore the high gloss finish. In one day we were able to give our client countertops that were truly better than new, both in appearance and functionality. She was so happy with our work and the fact that her countertops were made completely stain and acid proof that she followed up by writing this 5-star review.