In this BEFORE photo, you can see an extreme amount of efflorescence from outside moisture intrusion that had since been mitigated.

In this AFTER photo, we have completely removed the efflorescence through acid washing and recoating of the tiles.

Efflorescence Removal for a Saltillo Floor

Saltillo Efflorescence Problem

Homeowners in the Leawood area reached out to us because of a unique problem. Water intrusion into their living room from their back patio had caused mineral deposits to rise up from a wet concrete substrate, leaving a dusty and recurring problem called efflorescence on their Saltillo tile floors.  We provided a FREE consultation and explained how we coul remedy their situation.

Efflorescence Removal and Saltillo Restoration

Our expert technicians were able to acid wash, strip, and clean the Saltillo with earth-friendly stripping detergents and powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment. With careful placement of powerful fans, we quick-dried the floor and then applied five coats of high-solids acrylic finish. Our Saltillo services resulted in an amazing gloss on this floor. The homeowners were very happy that the entire job only took one day and they were able to quickly get back to their normal routine.