This Before image

This AFTER image shows marble finish looking new once again.

Finishing Touch on New Marble Installation

Imperfections on Newly Installed Marble Floor

Interior designers selected this beautiful black and white marble tile as part of a home renovation project in the Overland Park area. The installers took great care to deliver the best possible results, but scratches and other damage occurred after electricians, plumbers, and other contractors made their way in and out of the space. The homeowners contacted Victory Cleaning Systems to erase the damage and restore the factory finish.

How We Restored the Brand New Look

Marble honing, grinding and polishing were the three basic steps we utilized to bring this marble floor back to its newly installed glory. We used high grit diamond-infused pads mounted on a floor machine to eliminate the damage, and then used a series of progressively finer grit pads to restore the beautiful, reflective polished finish.

The interior designers and homeowners were very pleased with the results.