This image shows what the garage floor looked like when we first arrived on the job site BEFORE doing any restoration work.

Here you can see the filler we used to repair the garage floor cracks.

With our garage floor grinding services, this floor was prepped and ready for the next step.

This AFTER image demonstrates what a dramatic difference garage floor epoxy coating can make.

Garage Floor Repaired and Coated

Garage Floor Cracked and Unsightly

A homeowner in Kansas City, Missouri called us because his garage floor had many large cracks, including a very gaping one in the front near the door. The appearance of the floor was poor. There were stains and ground in dirt.

Concrete Cracks Repaired and Epoxy Coating

First, we repaired the cracks using a special filler designed specifically for concrete. Then, we ground the concrete flat. The concrete repair and filling work was all done in a dustless manner. Finally, we installed a UV and chemical-resistant epoxy coating. It took one day to complete this job.

The homeowner was amazed at how the garage floor looked showroom ready, like a brand new floor.