Here is the marble top BEFORE refinishing.

This AFTER image shows the honed and polished top.

Notice how natural the finish still appears after the MORE AntiEtch treatment.

This BEFORE image shows how dull and etched the finish was.

Here is the same table AFTER the MORE AntiEtch treatment. What a difference!

Nero Marble Table Anti-Etch Protection

Dull, Etched Nero Marble Tables

An interior design company in St. Louis, Missouri contacted us because they were moving their client to a new home and wanted to use the move as an opportunity to repair, restore, or replace items in the home that had seen their fair share of use and showed obvious signs of wear. Two such items were large and small Nero Black Marble tables. The finish of both of these tables had become dull and etched. Although the tables had obviously seen years of use, the designer assured the homeowners that it could, in fact, be restored to like new. We also suggested an application of MORE™ AntiEtch™ to prevent etching and staining caused by acidic food and drinks.

Our Marble Restoration and Protection Services

To make sure that the surface was properly prepared for adhesion with the anti-etch coating, we removed an extremely thin upper layer of the marble using a process called honing. The honing erased all the previous surface damage, revealing the brand new stone underneath. Next, we applied the MORE™ AntiEtch™ treatment. After allowing enough time for the application to level out, we cured the treatment using a special UV light. Finally, we polished the marble to perfection, bringing it to a full, high polish that had a glass-like shine.

The designer was very pleased to move these showroom-ready tables into the their client’s home. The homeowners marveled at the depth of the color and the amazing clarity of the finish, and they were especially happy to hear they could freely use their 100% acid and stain proof marble tables without worrying about damaging the finish with food and drinks.