This BEFORE photo shows us getting started on the grinding process.

Here we are removing the old epoxy from the garage floor.

This image was taken just before application of our full broadcast flake epoxy flooring system.

Notice there is a much better gloss level and more appealing color in this AFTER image.

New Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

Old Worn Garage Floor

A homeowner in Bonner Springs, Kansas had two identical three-car garages with epoxy that had been professionally installed many years prior. He wanted the garages to have a nice, brand new look. Quite often, when clients call us to replace epoxy, we find that it was not installed properly. However, this floor was an exception. The epoxy was still firmly in place, but it had seen decades of use, and the signs of wear were evident.

Our Epoxy Installation Process

The first step in our epoxy installation process was to completely remove the old epoxy and prepare the floor for the new epoxy. The dust-free grinding process we usually use with satisfactory results involves grinding dry with vacuums hooked up to the floor machine. The old epoxy on this floor was coming off very slowly. Because our prep work proved to be more challenging than expected, we adapted our approach by utilizing a wet grind process, which allowed us to get through the old epoxy and expose fresh concrete much faster.

After the floor was completely ground, we filled cracks and repaired areas where there was some minor spalling filled. The last step before the new epoxy application was to thoroughly vacuum, removing all traces of dust and debris. Once we were sure the concrete was 100% dry, we installed the new full broadcast flake epoxy flooring system. We also stained and sealed the front apron to match the rest of the stamped concrete that ran as a border around his driveway.