In this BEFORE photo, the Saltillo tile and grout is in desperate need of a cleaning and restoration.

In this AFTER photo, we have expertly cleaned and restored this Saltillo tile entryway.

Saltillo Foyer Cleaned and Restored

Unsightly Saltillo Foyer

Homeowners in Kansas City reached out to us because they felt that the poor condition of their Saltillo tile entryway was creating a negative impression. They wanted anyone who entered the home to feel warmly welcomed by a clean, fresh floor at the entrance. Years of use, foot traffic, and improper cleaning methods had left this Mexican tile floor dark and extremely dingy looking. We happily provided a FREE consultation.

Our Saltillo Refinishing Process

At first, this floor did not respond to any of the usual stripping or cleaning methods we employ. Undeterred, we sanded the tile to remove the existing coating achieving a fresh, clean appearance. Our specialized sanders were hooked up to HEPA vacuums to minimize dust. Our final step was to apply numerous coats of high-build acrylic wax to achieve a beautiful finish. Our work dramatically improved the appearance of this Saltillo entrance. With stone and tile restoration, things do not always necessarily go as originally planned, but at Victory Cleaning Systems we know how to overcome challenges and resolve problems.