In this BEFORE photo, you can see an empty space in the tile floor where a wall had been.

Notice how different the newly installed tiles look in this image taken DURING the restoration process.

This AFTER image shows the dramatic difference our Saltillo restoration services make!

Saltillo Mexican Tile Removal Installation and Restoration

Home Renovation and Saltillo Floor Damage

Homeowners in the Lawrence area were doing some home renovation and reached out to us for some professional help with their Saltillo floor.  Years of insufficient cleaning methods, wax buildup, and a brown paint that had been applied to the floor all contributed to its very unsightly appearance.  Furthermore, they were replacing some walls, and needed new tiles to be installed. Since the homeowners knew the new tiles would look very different from the existing tiles, they asked us if there were anything we could do to give the floor a uniform appearance. We assured them that we could resolve almost any Saltillo problem and achieve the results that they wanted.

Saltillo Removal and Installation

We started off by performing demolition and removal of the Saltillo tiles and thinset in areas where the walls had been installed.  We were able to source replacement tiles from Mexico that matched the existing tiles and found the correct mortar to match the existing mortar.

Saltillo Stripping, Cleaning, and Restoration

With the replacement tiles and mortar installed, our next step was to strip off the existing finish. Some of the tiles had been painted brown. We applied a soybean-based stripper to the tile that allowed us to scrape the brown paint from the tiles. We safely disposed of waste at a hazardous waste facility. Then, we stripped and pressure wash the tiles with our truck mounted cleaning equipment, extracting all the water as we cleaned for a surprisingly mess-free process. We placed high powered fans to completely dry the tile before applying our topcoats. We used approximately five coats of high-solids acrylic finish to fully restore the color and gloss and allow for easy cleaning in the future.