Stains, mildew, and other problems were ruining the appearance of this shower floor, as you can see in this BEFORE image.

This AFTER image demonstrates the fantastic results our shower restoration services can achieve.

Shower Deep Cleaned, Repaired, and Restored

Unsightly Buildup in Master Shower

Homeowners in Overland Park were making improvements to their home in preparation for putting the home on the market. They contacted us for a FREE consultation and estimate for their walk-in shower, which had not been professionally cleaned in years. There was an unsightly buildup of oils and soap scum, and the pebbled floor had a very dingy appearance. We assured the homeowners that the shower could be restored over the course of one day.

Our Shower Cleaning and Restoration Process

First, we sprayed the shower down with a professional strength product specially designed to dissolve soap scum. After allowing ample dwell time for contaminants to soften, we deep cleaned the shower walls and floor. Our high velocity fans completely dried the shower in preparation for some minor repair—grout replacement. We removed grout in any areas where it had become cracked, loosened, or missing, and then used our proprietary color-matched epoxy to regrout these areas.  Instead of recaulking, we used our same proprietary epoxy product to replace all of the changes of plane, ensuring 100% waterproofing and ease of cleaning for years to come.