In this BEFORE photo, we are preparing to start the restoration of the tile and grout in the fountain.

In this AFTER photo, we have pressure washed and dried the fountain. We then did all necessary grout repair, and color sealed all grout lines to restore their color back to bright white.

Tile and Grout Fountain Cleaned and Restored

Dingy Looking Fountain in a Commercial Building

Funeral home owners in Overland Park were doing spring cleaning and reached out to us about the poor condition of interior fountain. Normal cleaning methods were not achieving the desired result.

We provided a FREE consultation and estimate.  The first thing we noticed was that the fountain had an overall dingy appearance. Upon closer inspection we discovered that the unsightly appearance was due to a buildup of calcium and hard water deposits on the tile and grout, as well as the granite surround.  We assured the owners that we could restore the fountain with minimal disruption to their normal routine.

Our Fountain Restoration Process

Using special detergents and our high-pressure steam extraction equipment, we deep cleaned the tile and grout, safely and effectively removing the mineral deposits and mildew. After the fountain dried, we performed the necessary grout repairs and sealed the grout lines with our water-resistant color seal, giving the grout a uniform appearance that looked brand new and white. We also machine polished the granite surround. To restore the granite’s deep black color and gloss, we applied a color enhancing sealer. The fountain was back in service within 3 days.

Our clients were very pleased with the outcome and glad that they had entrusted this job to us.