This image shows the dirty tile and poor condition of the grout BEFORE our services.

This AFTER image demonstrates the fantastic results our tile restoration services achieve.

Tile Deep Cleaning and Grout Replacement

Dirty Tile and Damaged Grout Lines

Kansas City business owners were thinking about having their tile and grout floor demolished and replaced, but their budget was tight, so they decided to check into tile restoration as a possible alternative. The tile had a dirty appearance despite mopping and scrubbing. The grout lines had traffic patterns and loose or missing spots. When the business owners contacted us, we provided a free consultation and an estimate for deep cleaning and grout replacement. We explained that their floor could have a like-new appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Our Tile and Grout Restoration Process

First, we removed the benches and masked and protected the walls, doors, and other surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we applied a professional pH-neutral, non-toxic cleaner to the tiles and allowed it to dwell long enough to soften and dissolve the stubborn contaminants on the surface of the tile. We sanitized the floor using a high-speed floor scrubbing machine along the wide open areas and a hand-scrubber for the edges and harder-to-reach areas. Finally, we used a special oscillating tool with a grout removal blade to remove the damaged grout without causing any damage to the tile. We regrouted the floor and then applied a high quality grout color sealer to prevent stains and make regular cleaning a cinch.

The business owners were amazed at the results, which went far beyond their expectations.