This BEFORE image shows where a rug used to be. The travertine was very dirty.

Notice the beautiful polished finish in this AFTER image of the same area as the previous image.

The travertine finish was very dull, as you can see in this BEFORE image.

Here is the same area, AFTER our travertine restoration services.

Travertine Floor Restored and Polished

Travertine Needs Professional Attention

Homeowners in Hallbrooke, Leawood, KS used to appreciate the elegant, glossy finish of their polished travertine floor, even though there were a few tiles that had been unevenly laid (lippage). With time and use, the appearance of the floor diminished to a dull, dirty, unimpressive finish. The homeowners gave us a call for a FREE estimate to resolve both the lippage problem and the damage to the surface.

Our Travertine Refinishing

First, we leveled the floor and eliminated all the lippage to create a uniform, monolithic appearance. Then, we used polishing powder and a series of progressively finer grit diamond pads (200-1800 grit) mounted on professional equipment specially made for natural stone floors to hone away the scratches and other surface damage and polish it back to its former glory. The homeowners were very pleased with the results.