This image shows the existing vinyl basement tile floor BEFORE removal and beginning the restoration project.

Here we are grinding the existing mastic and then vacuuming the floor in preparation for application of the epoxy.

Here the floor has been ground, cracks filled and smoothed, and dust vacuumed. Primer coat of epoxy is being squeegeed and then will be rolled out.

VCT Removed and Epoxy Installed

Unsightly VCT Floor

A homeowner in Kansas City contacted us with a project in their basement—old vct tile flooring that was outdated and unsightly. The floor had signs of pre-existing water damage, and given the fact that this floor was in a flood-prone basement, we fully expected potential future water damage.

VCT Tile Removal

To limit excess dust, we used hand tools to remove the VCT tiles and used large grinders hooked up to HEPA vacuum systems to prep the floor, paying special attention to the edges. We also used a special hand tool to opening up cracks just enough to allow epoxy filler to bond.

Epoxy Flooring Installation

We installed a full broadcast flake epoxy system with a polyaspartic topcoat, resulting in an extremely durable and easy-to-clean floor. The homeowner was thrilled to have a beautiful basement floor that will hold up for many years to come.