Here is a BEFORE image. Notice the scratches, dullness, and dirty appearance of this wood floor.

Our hardwood floor restoration services brought the luster back to this wood floor, as you can see in this AFTER image.

Wood Floors Screened and Recoated

Heavily Scuffed Hardwood Floors

Homeowners in Overland Park, Kansas were not satisfied with the appearance of their wood floors. Over the course of time, evidence of wear, such as haziness, heavy scratches, and scuffs from their dogs, had built up to the point that they knew they needed to find a reputable company to give the floors some professional attention. When they consulted with us, we suggested our wood floor screening and recoating process, a fantastic alternative to doing a complete refinish.

Our Wood Floor Restoration

First, we used a specialized floor machine and vacuum system to remove the scratched and dirty layer of polyurethane, without causing harm to the stain beneath. Then, we applied a high quality, professional primer to ensure maximum adhesion. We followed this with a satin finish topcoat of polyurethane. The entire process was virtually dust free, left behind no harsh odors, and was completed in just one day.

The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome.