This BEFORE image shows the old do-it-yourself epoxy installation that is flaking off.
Ugly DIY Epoxy Flaking
In this photo, we had opened up all of the cracks and excessive spalling, to be filled with a quartz sand and epoxy mixture for extreme strength.
DURING Garage Epoxy Repair and Install
This image was taken after crack chasing, spalling repairs, and concrete grinding. Floor is vacuumed and ready for epoxy install.
DURING Garage Epoxy Spalling Repair

Crack and Spall Repair for Garage Floor

Old, Badly Installed Epoxy

Homeowners in Overland Park, Kansas who were in serious need of a garage floor makeover contacted us for a free estimate on epoxy installation. The epoxy another company had installed many years prior evidently had not been prepared properly, and as a result, had completely failed. Because of the epoxy failure, salt from many winters created massive spalling and degradation of the concrete in various areas of the garage.

Removing Old Epoxy Coatings

We used our state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently grind and remove coatings in a virtually dustless manner. Our dry grinding process was accomplished with large HEPA vacuums connected to our grinding equipment. Part of the reason these clients contracted with us was that were able to prep the floor with no dust and no mess. We even brought our own power, via portable generators.

Crack and Spall Repair

Prior to completing all of the grinding process, we used a process called crack chasing to cut into and open up all visible cracks and spalling. We did this specialized prep work in order to make sure that there would not be any loose concrete to cause a bonding issue with the epoxy flooring system. After the cracks were cut and the spalls were cut and hammered out, we filled in the exposed areas with a quartz sand and epoxy mixture. Once it was fully set, we ground the repaired areas flush with the surrounding floor so the repair sites would be invisible after the epoxy install.

Our Epoxy Garage Floor Installation Process

We rolled on epoxy primer and broadcast vinyl flakes covering the unsightly floor and giving it a brand new appearance. After the epoxy set, we vacuumed up the excess flakes and applied a beatiful, UV-stable polyaspartic topcoat. This hard, yet slightly flexible coating provides a scratch and stain resistant surface that will last many years to come. The homeowners were very happy when we told them their floor would now be very easy to clean and that it was nearly chemical proof. They said the garage floor felt like a finished room of the house.

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