As you can see in this BEFORE image, the floor was unsightly.
Grout Color Sealing Before
This AFTER image demonstrates the dramatic difference professional tile and grout services make.
Grout Color Sealing After
Here is a closer look at the floor BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right).
Grout Color Sealing Before and After

Malibu Sand Color Sealed Kitchen Floor

Dirty Tile and Grout Lines

Kansas City homeowners wanted to keep their kitchen tile and grout flooring, but they were very frustrated with the appearance of the floor, especially the dirty looking grout lines. No matter how much scrubbing they did, the grout lines never looked clean. The homeowners called us to schedule professional tile and grout deep cleaning. We suggested color sealing as the solution for their grout problem, and they agreed.

Here’s How We Gave This Tile and Grout a Makeover

We are always very careful to protect the surfaces surrounding our work area, such as cabinets and baseboards, before we begin working.

First, we saturated the tile and grout floor with a premium, pH-neutral, non-toxic cleaner. We allowed it to dwell to soften and loosen contaminants. Then, we used a high-speed machine to flush out dirt and grime from deep within the porous surfaces and textured grooves. For hard-to-reach or stubborn areas, we used a soft bristle hand brush and a vapor steam cleaning system. We thoroughly sanitized this floor. Our final step was to apply a high quality grout color sealer to the grout lines. This final step is what really made a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the floor.

The homeowners were very pleased with how fresh and clean their kitchen floor was after our services were complete.

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