The marble floor was dirty and scratched, as you can see in this BEFORE image.
Marble Entry Dirty and Scratched
The overhead lights reflect in the marble finish, as you can see in this AFTER image.
Marble Entry Refinished
This BEFORE image shows how unsightly the marble floor was.
Notice in this AFTER image the dramatic improvement our marble polishing services made!
Marble Entry Polished

Marble Entrance Restored

Traffic-Damaged Marble Entry

Homeowners in Overland Park, KS noticed that the marble foyer floor was no longer creating a warm and welcoming positive first impression. The surface of the stone was scratched and etched, and the grout lines were dark and dirty looking, as you can see in the BEFORE images.

Our Refinishing Process

We honed the floor to remove an extremely thin upper layer of the marble, virtually erasing all the damage, and then polished to the luxurious, glass-like finish you see in the AFTER images. The homeowners were pleased with the dramatic difference our services made.

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