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Epoxy coating application

Epoxy Coatings | Kansas City

Epoxy coatings on concrete surfaces —floors, countertops, bar tops, and more — create a unique and stunning surface.

An Elegant, Lasting, and Smart Solution

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution for new or existing concrete surfaces, consider epoxy coatings.

Epoxy is incredibly durable. Don’t let its elegant appearance fool you. It holds up to heavy use in industrial environments, including forklifts or other heavy machinery, and is very ideal for residential garage floors and workshops. Decorative epoxy coatings are applied to concrete slabs and concrete flooring, making it a popular choice for retail, industrial, or commercial facilities where polished concrete sees too much traffic or is exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. Epoxy coatings may also be applied to concrete countertops, bar tops, etc.

The Epoxy Coating Process

We install epoxy coatings over properly prepared concrete. First, we mix the two-components of the epoxy resin, and if applicable, mix in the decorative pigment or aggregate. Then we carefully pour the epoxy coating onto the concrete. Once it is set, we finish with a sealer for added protection, easier cleaning, moisture repellency, and abrasion resistance.

Easy to Clean and Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy is non-porous, which means it won’t trap dirt, grime, and contaminants, and non-toxic, which means it won’t impact air or water quality. It does not need to be reapplied often and is very easy to keep clean without harsh chemicals, making it an eco-friendly solution for schools, nursing homes, and other environments where sanitation is high priority.

Professional Epoxy Coatings In Kansas City

Epoxy application can be tricky, so it is important to select a company with highly trained and knowledgeable technicians who have experience working with epoxy. Victory Cleaning Systems is the preferred epoxy coating company in the Kansas City area. We take extra precautions to protect surfaces surrounding our work area, use state-of-the-art machines for concrete preparation, and achieve the best possible adhesion of the epoxy coatings. Count on us to achieve a tough, yet beautiful flooring solution.

Check out our Epoxy Case Studies to see dramatic before and after images and read the compelling stories behind our epoxy work.

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