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Epoxy coating application

Epoxy Coatings | Kansas City

Epoxy coatings on concrete surfaces —floors, countertops, bar tops, and more — create a unique and stunning surface.

A Beautiful, Durable and Smart Solution

Epoxy coatings are an excellent, long-lasting solution for new or existing concrete surfaces. They not only create a beautiful appearance, epoxy coatings are a smart choice for so many reasons.

For concrete floors, epoxy is durable enough to withstand being driven over by forklifts or other heavy machinery in warehouses, yet versatile enough to be an attractive flooring option for residential garage floors and workshops. Concrete flooring can be covered with a decorative epoxy coating, which may be an optimal flooring decision for certain retail, industrial, or commercial facilities where polished concrete is exposed to extreme wear or chemicals or a very specific decorative finish is required.

For concrete countertops, bar tops, etc. a unique and truly stunning look can be achieved that will hold up to all the use and abuse they will be subjected to.

The Epoxy Coating Process

We install epoxy coatings over properly prepared concrete. First, we mix the two-components of the epoxy resin, and if applicable, mix in the decorative pigment or aggregate. Then we carefully pour the epoxy coating onto the concrete. Once it is set, we finish with a sealer for added protection, easier cleaning, moisture repellency, and abrasion resistance.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

With porous materials, dirt and grime get trapped within the tiny grooves and holes of the sponge-like surface. Epoxy creates an essentially non-porous surface, therefore making it incredibly easy to keep clean. As such, it is an especially ideal solution in environments where sanitation is imperative.

Chemical and Temperature Resistant

For industrial and commercial spaces, where floors and surfaces may be exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, epoxy coatings are one of the most suitable choices. They are designed to maintain integrity and withstand intensive environments.

Environmentally Friendly

Once epoxy cures, it becomes virtually non-toxic, having no impact on air quality or water. Compared to other coatings, epoxy coated floors need to be recoated less often and require a smaller amount of cleaning solutions, making epoxy an eco-friendly floor and surface option.

Professional Epoxy Coatings

Our highly trained technicians are professional epoxy applicators, thoroughly equipped to apply epoxy coatings to new floors or to transform existing floors and surfaces from stained and cracked to showroom ready. We begin by protecting the walls and surfaces surrounding our work area, then use state-of-the-art machines to prepare concrete and ensure the best possible adhesion of the epoxy coatings, and finally perform our expert application process. The result is a beautiful, reliable epoxy application.

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