Hardwood Floors

Kansas City Wood Floor Refinishing and Cleaning

Kansas City Wood Floor RefinishingHardwood floors look great but caring for them can be hard work. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on the surface and eventually get trapped in the subtle grains of the wood. Many over-the-counter chemical cleaners are unsuitable for use on hardwood flooring, because they can lead to additional chemical build-up on your floor. If this build-up is not cleaned off properly, excess dirt will stick to your floor and gradually become abrasive, causing serious damage to the wood. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable that you get your wood flooring thoroughly cleaned and recoated by an experienced professional.

Our wood floor cleaning and recoating process is designed to rid your floor of dirt and grime and restore it to its former beauty and elegance. Our safe and effective cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions are specially designed to remove impurities from hardwood flooring without causing any damage or build-up.

In some cases, your floor may need to be stripped as part of the process. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, we can apply a professional wood floor refinishing product. This two-part water based polyurethane solution provides advanced scratch preventability to your hardwood flooring. Compared to many of the other products used for wood floor refinishing in Kansas City, our polyurethane solution is safer for use on floors and smells much more pleasant. Once the wood floor refinishing process is complete, your floor will be ready for light footfall again.

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